Blogging Matters


In Chapter 2 of Journalism Next, Mark Briggs sheds light on the importance of blogging in an ever-changing world. Since the production of social media websites, you no longer have to be a journalist to write about the news. Briggs notes how platforms such as Twitter have become an effective medium even for journalists. “When it comes to breaking news, it’s equally as important to be on Twitter to receive information as it is to use Twitter to send it,” he writes.

With the recent increase with online news, blogging may seem like a natural transition. Micro-blogging is an essential way of reaching customers in today’s fast-paced society. Most newsrooms develop a direct relationship with their audiences by responding to tweets and even measuring the statistics of likes and comments. Throughout the chapter, Briggs stresses the importance of blogging as a college journalist because it is the perfect way for students to get a foot on the ladder.

Becoming a blogger may seem weary, but Briggs offers several key pointers on building your brand, audience and network. He also urges student to follow and learn from great bloggers. This is important when witnessing what can be achieved through blogging in terms of design and content.

Whether one holds regard or not, blogging is one of the most valuable tools for students to engage in. With the media’s obsession with shifting power to individuals, it’s clear to see how blogs have become such a simple, timely platform for communication.


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