Meredith Artley:Why the Web Matters


Since the decline of newspapers, there has been a lot of talk about the Web in media and the future of journalism.  On a special edition of Global Journalist, senior vice president and editor-in-chief of CNN Digital Worldwide, Meredith Artley, talks about digital news media and the impact of social media on news.

Before joining CNN, Artley began her career at the It was there she discovered the powerful influence of digital journalism in media. Throughout her interview, she discusses a few of CNN’s competitors such as BuzzFeed and Fox, highlighting their importance when it comes to balance in the industry.

I think those competitors will remain competitors for a while, and it’s good. As a competitive person sometimes that drives me a little crazy when i see them inching up over us, and that happens but I also think thats a healthy part of the industry,” she explains.

Distinguished as a Web pioneer, Artley points out the Web’s advantage in allowing journalists to shape stories to ignite certain emotions or reactions from audiences and even the time of day or devices their audience prefers to engage with the news. This is essential when helping the audience believe that  their voices and stories matter.

With the significant increase of mobile internet usage, Artley critiques the future of CNN and notes how social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat are an ideal platform for CNN to create direct relationships with their audiences.

There are a lot of social networks out there and there’s more to come– and thats wonderful because that means  that there is an opportunity for us to listen to what our audiences are talking about.” she says.

Its no doubt that social media is reshaping news by allowing journalists to live and participate with their audiences. However, its intriguing to see Artley’s take on the growing trend of the general public reporting news.

It helps give us the opportunity to reach audiences where they are, citizen journalism is something that helps support and the growth of storytelling.” she continues.


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