The Element of Video in Storytelling

static1-squarespaceimage via squarespace

It’s no secret; video has become a key component in journalism and the world of digital media. Whether one chooses to notice or not, we get most of our news through video reports, online broadcasts from news websites or through local broadcasts. Video stories are an essential tool used to activate an audience. When paired with words, video can enhance the emotion and other elements needed to effectively connect with viewers.

While video news is increasingly becoming more predominant, it is important to understand the medium and it’s vital role in the profession. As Briggs notes, video is easier than ever to produce and every journalist should participate. In this chapter, Briggs sheds light on the basic concepts of shooting and editing with digital video. While offering tips on creating a sufficient video story, he emphases how video communicates its own language with just the arrangement of a series of clips.

Throughout the chapter, Briggs gives readers a chance to grasp the idea of shooting a good video by explaining the importance of camera features. The focus and zoom features are easily manipulated depending on setting and angle of the shot. Framing and composing are vital in adding sophistication to a piece. Applying these techniques help with keeping editing simple while also enhancing the storytelling process.


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