Is Live-Streaming Empowering Journalism?


These days, less is more. In this age, smartphones have allowed the idea of ‘mobile-reporting’ possible. Undoubtedly, mobile driven reporting has its advantages and is possibly the future of communication. From built-in editing tools to compressing clips, mobile applications such as Facebook Live have allowed modern day newsrooms to keep up with local and international events happening around them. The concept sis fairly simple. You broadcast a live video anytime, anyhwhere from your phone. Simply download and lauch thed app to get started.

Its convenience has enabled reporters to live-stream events and utilize leads as they happen. Although most reporters limit their use of mobile reporting to breaking news events, social applications such as Periscope, a live video-streaming app developed by twitter are useful for creating a medium where audiences can interact with the reporter. Instead of web updates and interruptions that come with streaming through online databases, viewers can watch things as they happen instead of continuously refreshing their webpages.

Here are 3 ways Journalists use Facebook  as tool:

1.Report and share news as it happens
2.Engage Audiences
3.Schedule Q + A Sessions

Similarly, broadcasting on the Periscope application is another way journalists use live-streaming to tell their stories. Giving the public access to raw footage creates an authentic experience for the audience. Since launching, there have been over 100 million broadcasts created on Periscope, according to Medium.

Unlike Facebook Live, Periscope allows viewers to comment on what they are seeing and also ask questions. Besides engaging viewers, live streaming applications are a great way to encourage younger citizens to tune in. New York based magazine, TIME also uses Periscope to report on news-related issues. Here’s what senior audience strategy editor, Tyler Borchers had to say about utilizing the applications as a broadcasting tool.

“We see Periscope as a window to the world,” Borchers said. “I think this experience has demonstrated to our newsroom that people want an authentic perspective on the story on the ground,” he told


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