Here’s How Journalists Are Using Snapchat:


Early last year, we all started experimenting with Snapchat, an application that has been garnering its fair share of attention— and not just from teenagers looking to privately exchange photos that contain explicit content. Curated in 2013, Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to generate stories through a collection of pictures and videos.

Presenting an unfiltered view of people’s lives, Snapchat has become a news platform for more than 20 major media companies. The Daily Mail and VICE in particular have pioneered the way they use the medium by creating their own distinctive voice.

Companies such as The Washington Post, CNN and and CBS use the application to cover political rallies, share breaking news and offer behind-the -scenes looks at events and operations. Third party tools such as built-in custom features, stickers and text filters exist to make editing fun.

Although Snapchat content isnt that different from traditional reporting, in many ways the platforms is a very convenient, conventional story-telling tool that allows journalists to report and outline events in a compelling new way. If you need inspiration on how you can use your Snapchat Handle better, here are four people and organizations to follow:

1.MTV News


3.Adam Rappoport

4.DJ Khaled



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