The Growing Power of Twitter – For News


In just seven years, Twitter has managed to transform from a microblogging network to a major platform for the release of breaking news. Research shows that the number of American adults who are using social media to get an idea of what is going on in the world around them is significantly on the rise. According to findings from a new survey presented by, users turn to each of the prominent social networks to fulfill different types of informational needs.

Emphasizing its impact on news with their fairly new feature, Project Lighting, Twitter has emerged to become the coolest, most user friendly way to keep up with the news of the 21st century. Journalists often use twitter to engage with audiences, monitor public opinion and build stories.Not only does Twitter help individuals keep track of local news and events but it can be a medium for seeing what leaders, organizations and networks are saying and thinking about an array of topics. Live tweeting at events or breaking news stories is one way journalists can pick up followers while keeping their audience involved.

One tip to getting a hang of the culture of twitter is to keep everything simple and to let every tweet stand alone.

Here are a few Twitter Handles we all should be following:

1. BBC News 

2. ABC News

3. AJC



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