Here’s How Newsrooms are Using Instagram


When it comes to engaging with an audience, social media plays a key role in creating a creative platform for projects. Instagram, a mobile platform where users can curate and publish quality photographs is one of the top five downloaded applications of all time, according to DIY Genius. Accessible to just about anyone with a mobile device, it is hard to doubt Instagram’s growing influence.

Like Twitter, Instagram is a community-driven platform to showcase the news. Many news outlets have looked to Instagram to present news in a new format. New York Times magazine’s photo editor Kathy Ryan, explained that she will often use Instagram to capture photographs around the office, or of her desk, “when I see an incredible moment when the light in our building illuminates something.”

Others have found a way to make the most of Instagram by extending their news to short 60 second video clips. BBC News has developed a format called BBC Shorts, and the videos are uploaded to the main BBC News Instagram account in English, but also on BBC language service accounts and their respective Facebook pages in order to reach a global audience.

Maria Grechaninova, senior broadcast journalist with the BBC’s Global Content Hub, said the time constraint of Instagram videos used to be a limitation in the beginning, but the broadcaster has turned this into an advantage, coming up with “a way of turning every news story into a 15-second, self-contained story”. BBC Shorts work with and without sound, providing a text summary or quote alongside the video, in order to still get the message across to the audience.

Despite similar functions as other social media sites, Instagram fits a strategy that pushes both marketers and its users to expand their tactics when it comes to creating visually compelling stories.

Here are a few news organizations are doing just that with their Instagram accounts:

  1. TIME 
  2. WIRED
  3. NPR

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