Reddit: A Super-Source for Journalists


Widely recognized as a platform to stay ahead in the journalistic world, Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating and worldwide-web discussion site. According to Digital Trends,The most important part of Reddit is the sharing. Without users sharing links and information and stories and stuff with each other, there’d be no Reddit at all. Whether you’re a reporter, author, content creator or freelancer, the self proclaimed “front page of the internet” is an ideal source for tracking tremendous leads and engaging stories.

Aware of the changing landscapes of newsrooms, the site released its Pressiquette, a guide for journalists using the site for news purposes. Encouraging users to engage with transparency, Reddit offers a series of guidelines the press should follow when engaging with potential sources and researching ideas.

Victoria Taylor, director of communications at Reddit explains how the platform is different from other social sites.“The difference between Reddit and other platforms: Reddit is not about acquiring large numbers of followers and broadcasting to them,” Victoria explained. “It’s a one-to-one platform with the opportunity of it being one-to-many.”

Here are a few tips James Cook, contributing editor for The Daily Dot offers a few tips for journalists wanting to get started on  Reddit:

  • Identify yourself
  • “Reddit is a very intelligent community, so be honest about who you are”
  • Do a standard site search for Reddit to see which content from your site has been posted (

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