GPB Atlanta: A Source for Mainstream Media

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Home to PBS, NPR and Football Fridays, Georgia Public Broadcasting studio is Atlanta’s leading public media content provider. The long-running GPB provides local coverage of news, sporting and entertainment events across the state as well as issues relating to education, taxes and Georgia’s political issues. According to the GPB organization, their nine public television stations deliver quality and locally produced programming to every county in Georgia as well as significant portions to surrounding states.

Located in Atlanta’s urbanized hub, Midtown, the high-definition facility features five studios completed with their own control rooms, lighting kits and boardrooms. Studio J, the facility’s smallest studio contains a news set that is frequently utilized by Chemistry Matters, a digital news series for high school students and educators. The show outlines various concepts of chemistry on all levels. The series helps students grasp important chemistry concepts while also demonstrating how to apply the concepts to real-life situations.

Recently, the public broadcasting’s radio station partnered with Georgia State University’s station, WRAS 88.5. In an attempt to raise Georgia State’s profile around the state and where GPB hosts broadcasts, the takeover is said to offer public radio programming on WRAS daily from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Public service announcements promoting the university will air during that time. Benefiting more than 150 students, the partnership enables Georgia State to deliver high-quality experiential learning for media students at any given time.


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