Hometown: Miami, Florida
Age: 21
Favorite Place: Beach
Weird Talent: I know the words to songs I’ve never heard before

What you should know about me:
I currently attend Georgia State University where I am seeking a career primarily in fashion-journalism. I find comfort in the simple things, not simple people. I’m a dreamer during the day and a rockstar during the night.I believe in the power of love because ice cream makes me happy. When we were kids, we believed that anything was possible. We believed yet questioned everything. We lived in a time where all of our dreams were undoubtedly obtainable. It is this same child-like faith that drives me toward finding my true passions and committing whole-heartedly. My vision, inspiration and direction are solely based on these principles of following my heart despite any risks or consequences that I face. As for this blog, it’s simply a visual documentation of this notion.